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High School Jeans

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I can't even believe I'm recording this right now.

Can you see the tag on the back of my jeans?

This is Palmettos, and this was a brand of jeans that were popular in the 1990-somethings, and they were kind of a knock-off for Guess.

That kind of dates me a little bit, but I just wanted to show you guys that I am in my high school jeans.

Yeah, high school, and I never thought that I would get back into these jeans after I had my daughter.

Well, I was older than most, so I never thought I would get back into these jeans, but I did.

I tried everything under the sun before I actually got back into these.

I tried Keto, I tried Ideal, you know, that other one, and finally found ChiroThin.

I'm finally back in my high school jeans, and I'm loving life.

I'm loving how much energy I have and how great I feel!

If you want more information and are interested in maybe getting back into your high school jeans, shoot me a message, and we'll get you set up.

I'm Dr. Michelle Schwenn, and I look forward to helping you get into your high school jeans, too.

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