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About Us

Dr. Schwenn with one of our favorite clients
Melanie playing with one of her buddies
Rohana playing with littles while mom gets her adjustement
Dr. Schwenn with one of our patients during her birthday
Melanie playing with another little guy while mom is getting adjusted

You're Not Just a Patient, You're Family!

Schwenn Family Chiropractic has been serving Marion, IA and the surrounding areas for over 10 years. We are dedicated to serving all of your families' needs. Dr. Michelle Schwenn is a Palmer graduate and has special training in prenatal and pediatrics, including her Webster Technique certification. We see patients for all kinds of concerns ranging from headaches to back pain. We take care of mamas who have pelvic or low back pain during pregnancy. We see many infants for tightness in their little bodies, if their neck or other limbs do not have full range of motion, and other trauma from the birth process. We see kids who need adjustments due to tumbles, playing sports, and we make sure everything is in place for them so they can continue to grow optimally. We even take care of daddies, because we know they work hard and they deserve to feel great too! At Schwenn Family Chiropractic we provide the best patient-centered care for the whole family!

We're Baby-Friendly!

At our office, we are very kid-friendly! We have a room set up for nursing mamas with a glider rocking chair, a My Brest Friend nursing pillow, an extra changing table, and a play area for any siblings! We also have a main kids' area in our office where kids love to read books, play with puzzles, or zoom cars around while they wait for mom, dad, or siblings to get adjusted. We have a changing table with extra diapers and wipes as well as a kids' potty for any littles who are potty training! We have a chiropractic adjusting table that is kid-sized that we like to call our "kitty table". We look forward to meeting you and your family and making you feel at home!

Core Values

"At SFC, compassion, community, connection, and contribution are vital core values as they underpin our dedication to fostering meaningful relationships, supporting our local community, forging authentic connections, and making a positive impact through our collective efforts."
At SFC, kindness, generosity, friendliness, and nurturance are integral core values, fostering a supportive atmosphere where clients and colleagues alike feel valued, connected, cared for, and part of a tight knit and accepting community."

"At SFC, embracing growth, a growth mindset, mastery, and service as core values is essential to elevate not only the practice but also for building new skills and increasing production, while unlocking the potential for greatness in each employee, and fostering a culture of continuous to growth, learning and  pursuit of the creation of something bigger than oneself"

"Our personal core values of Family first, flexibility, gratitude, God’s will, fun, and fitness play a crucial role in supporting the core values of SFC by fostering a supportive work-life balance, adaptable mindset, appreciation for our colleagues and clients, enjoyable workplace culture, and commitment to overall well-being, ultimately enhancing our ability to deliver exceptional service and drive both professional and personal success."

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