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Wha t to Expect at Your First Visit

At Schwenn Family Chiropractic, your first chiropractic visit will be all about getting to know you and your body! We strive to give you a welcoming experience where you truly feel that you're not just a patient, you're family!


New Patient Forms

We ask that you fill out your new patient paperwork at least 24 hours in advance in order to give

Dr. Schwenn time to get to know you better and prepare for your appointment.

Examination and Neurodiagnostics


Your exam will begin with Dr. Schwenn reviewing your health history and concerns with you. From there, your exam is geared toward detection and correction of Vertebral subluxations.  Ranges of motion will be measured, as well as a postural evaluation performed to learn about how you are holding your body.  

We use computerized neurodiagnostic examinations in our office.   Because x-rays are not performed on pregnant moms, these are especially helpful to gain information about the their condition. The technology that we use is called Insight scanning.  These computerized scans measure for inflammation and muscle imbalance.  For our non pregnant patients these scans are used alongside digital x-ray examination to form your initial diagnosis and the specifics of what needs to be addressed in your individualized care plan.  This is a objective, accurate and measurable way to assess your spinal health rather than relying on subjective aches and pains alone.  Utilizing information from scanning your entire spine gives us valuable information about how your body is functioning as a whole .  Because only 10% of your nerves are able to sense pain, the other 90% of your nervous system is responsible for the function of your vital organs and immune system.  Making an important tool in detecting problems that you don't even feel that could eventually lead to issues in your overall health and wellness. finding issues before you feel them, and giving Dr. Schwenn data to make an informed treatment plan using state-of-the-art technology.

We also use palpation which involves checking your spine by hand. The doctor can feel areas of your spine that may be subluxated. Spinal position, curvatures, and muscle tone can be examined as it relates to any possible subluxations.


Digital Spinal X-rays are a valuable tool often utilized in our office.  There are reasons why we would not take x-rays on certain patients including pregnancy, most children, recent usable spinal x-rays. Aside from these situations, x-rays are a common part of the new patient appointment. X-rays give us important information including the position of the spinal bones, and the quality of the spine and safety of adjusting it. X-rays also tell us the relative length of time you may have had these subluxations and will help the doctor determine if there is any degeneration in the spine.


After your exam, scans, and any necessary

x-rays, you are ready to get adjusted! A chiropactor uses their hands or special instruments, such as an activator, to apply a controlled force to individual spinal joints to improve mobility and relieve discomfort. By returning the joint to its proper place, any pressure on surrounding nerves is relieved so your body can function optimally.

Adjustments generally do not hurt, but soreness - similar to what you may feel after working out - may be possible after the first adjustment or two. 

At Schwenn Family Chiropractic, we treat your whole musculoskeletal system and get to the root of the problem. We treat people of all ages. Depending on the patient, the force of the adjustment is different. Babies' vertebrae are adjusted with the tips of Dr. Schwenn's fingers. Dr. Schwenn will show parents what to expect and always ask permission before adjusting any kiddos for the first time.

Care Instructions

With the important information from your exam, any x-rays taken, and how your body responded to your first chiropractic adjustment, Dr. Schwenn can make a more accurate determination of the type of adjustments your spine needs as well as the ongoing frequency of your care. We will give you a care plan and go over any special instructions you will need to obtain the best and fastest possible results. ​

Our chiropractic care utilizes the most modern chiropractic analytical, and adjustive procedures and equipment available. We consider subluxations to be a serious threat to the quality and quantity of your health and that of your family. It is imperative that we utilize the most modern and well-established procedures to help you. We feel YOU are worth it!

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