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Feeling On Fire

As a chiropractor, I'm great at putting out the fires you feel, but just like the Fire Department would in a house fire, they try to find the cause of that fire, and that's the same thing I do as a chiropractor.

I look for the cause of what made you feel like your body was on fire, and we address that cause.

We rebuild just as you would rebuild your home after a house fire, we rebuild the structure of your body so that you can become even stronger.

Putting, just like you would in your home, a fire extinguisher and fire detectors around your home to protect you from another fire, we as chiropractors, when we put out a fire, we also put protective measures in your body and refortify the strength of your body, making sure that you have regular checkups so that we put out small areas of inflammation before they become raging infernos.

If you're interested in more information, reach out. I'm Dr. Michelle Schwenn at Schwenn Family Chiropractic, and we can help you put out the fire too.

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