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ChiroThin Galena Jeans

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

I cannot even believe that just one short year ago, these were the jeans that I was wearing.

Thanks to ChiroThin and some dedication and some discipline, I'm now in these jeans and I could not be happier.

Funny story about jeans and my ChiroThin journey, we went to Galena last year, right during the time that I started ChiroThin, and I splurged and bought a just gorgeous pair of jeans, and I bought them relatively snug so that I could lose some weight and get into those jeans.

Through my ChiroThin journey about midway through, I tried those jeans on that were snug and they were way too big.

We went back to Galena and I asked the store owner if I could exchange them, so I exchanged them for this pair, which are also now too big.

The jeans that I'm currently wearing and these, I know, a blast from the past, you guys, if anybody remembers Guess and Palmetto.

Palmetto was the knockoff brand because we didn't have money for Guess, but I have the Palmettos, which was the next best thing.

These are the jeans that I wore in high school, so it took me six weeks to lose almost thirty pounds.

I did it with ChiroThin.

I've kept it off an entire year.

If you have questions about how to go shopping in your very own closet and join the shrinking team, just like I did, then please send me a personal message and I can show you how ChiroThin works and help you get back into your skinny jeans as well.

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