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What if it gets worse?

What do you do when the check engine light in your car comes on?

I know what I do.

I immediately run to the mechanic and make sure that my car is functioning right because I don't want to be driving down the road at 65 miles an hour and have my car blow up.

The body functions much the same way as your car.

You have indicator lights, and they come in the form of pain.

They can come in the form of headaches.

They can come in the form of low back pain.

That's your body telling you that something is going on and that you need to get that checked out.

As a chiropractor, I can check your lights that come on and make sure that your body is functioning properly and get rid of those symptoms and that pain so that your body doesn't get worse, because it won't go away if you ignore it.

Just like the light in your car, it won't go away.

We don't want your body to break down like your car might if you ignore that check engine light.

If you're interested in finding out more about your check engine light that you might have flashing on your dashboard, follow us on Facebook or look through our website.

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