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Specialized Equipment for Pregnant Mamas

Comfort is priority for our pregnant patients.

I want to tell you about Anna, one of our mommies in our practice, who is 31 weeks pregnant with twins. She is going to have two little babies, so we have to do our adjustments a little differently.

We have specialized equipment here in our office just for that purpose, like our tables, which can move in all kinds of fun, different ways.

We have Anna climb on our table. Remember how I said our tables can move in different ways? We make her legs more parallel with her hips, and it makes her a lot more comfortable every time she gets adjusted.

When mothers get adjusted on their back, we have tools to ensure they don't lay flat on their back, since that isn't good for the little ones. We make sure all the mothers at our practice lay on an incline when getting adjusted.

We check her neck in this position, and we check around ligaments, which is part of our Webster Technique. We do all kinds of different things with our tables when we have this kind of setup.

That's what it looks like to have a belly be accommodated when we adjust a pregnant mommy in our office!

Look through our website for more information, we look forward to helping you have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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