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Pregnancy Sleeping Hack

Another one of the problems that I get asked about a lot in my office because we see so many pregnant mommies, is what do I do about hip pain when I'm sleeping?

When you're a mommy and you have a baby in the front, you obviously can't sleep on your stomach.

We also don't want you to sleep on your back.

You're limited to sleeping on your sides.

One of the things I want to share with you is kind of look at the hack to avoid getting so much pressure on that real pressure, the painful point on that side.

When you're sleeping on your sides instead of sleeping with your hips straight up and down.

What you can do is you can come at a 45-degree angle as much as the baby will allow you.

Instead of the pressure going on that side, it now becomes distributed right here on the front of your leg instead of the side.

That is a great sleeping hack that your mommies can use to keep you a little bit more comfortable.

If you're still struggling with low back and hip pain during your pregnancy, reach out to the office and we can help you with that as well.

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