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Office Tour

Welcome to Schwenn Family Chiropractic.

Let me tell you about our newly remodeled office.

Our lovely assistant, Katie, is usually seated at the front desk.

We have an area for kiddos with lots of toys for them to enjoy while they wait.

We can see where we have our kiddo area.

We've got lots and lots of toys for the kiddos to enjoy while they're here.

We also have a board for fun upcoming events, so everyone knows what's going on here at Schwenn Family Chiropractic.

We have an open adjusting area with two tables, each on one side of a partition so no one can see you getting adjusted, but they might hear you.

We also have private rooms if open adjusting isn't for you.

We have a dedicated ChiroThin room, a doctor-supervised weight loss program, with my very own before and after pictures above the door frame.

Our restroom is fully equipped with a changing station, extra diapers, even a kid's potty.

We also have a custom table for kids.

In our X-ray room, we use the utmost quality of diagnostic, with digital X-rays and computerized neurodiagnostic equipment so we're never guessing about your care.

We also have a nursing room for mommies, complete with a rocking chair, nursing pillow, some toys for an older sibling, and another changing station.

We also have our mascots, Drago and Nadia, they're Russian tortoises who have been with me for ten years and will probably outlive me.

We hope that we can see you here in person so you can experience our office.

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