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Improves Nerve System Function

Did you know that only 10% of your nervous system is even capable of feeling pain? The other 90%, it's got a job to do.

It's got a function to perform. Your brain controls and coordinates every single solitary part of your body, and it's got to get that information out to all the parts and it uses the nervous system to do so, but sometimes there can be miscommunication from the brain to the body parts.

I see this all the time as a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor when kiddos come in with ear infections and we often see the very top two bones that the head sits on that have miscommunication. Those bones have shifted for some reason, creating this communication between the brain and the little bitty muscles that control and coordinate the opening and closing of the eustachian tube.

When the brain can't tell that those little bitty muscles how to behave properly, we have dysfunction. My job as a chiropractor is to find any areas of dysfunction and restore communication from the brain to those little bitty muscles to open the eustachian tube so that drainage can happen properly so that bacteria doesn't build up. That's why chiropractic is so effective with kiddos and their ear infections.

If your child is suffering from recurrent ear infections and antibiotics just aren't even touching that, please give our office a call and we absolutely can see if there's a connection or disconnection between the brain and those little muscles that control the opening and closing. We can see if we can help your kiddo kick those ear infections without any more antibiotics.

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