Patient Testimonials

Love Dr. Schwenn! Has made a huge difference in the amount of headaches I was getting. Flexible hours and always friendly!!! My kids go too! – Katie N.

I had severe sciatic pain. I received spinal adjustments and massage therapy and my pain was gone in a week. Dr. Schwenn and staff are great to work with and they truly care about your health. – Brent S.

Dr. Schwenn is absolutely amazing!! My 8 yr old son and I have been seeing her for treatment and I have gone from my back seizing up quite often to being comfortable most of the time and the difference in my son just blows my mind. He has had issues with growing pains, bed wetting, trouble sleeping (the list goes on... ) and no, he’s not completely over these things but he has had a dramatic improvement in all areas. She has very thorough knowledge and applies it to help your body heal itself. Grateful for her!! – Angela L.

Schwenn Family Chiropractic is an amazing place to go! I was 4 months into my pregnancy when I hurt my back & that lead to both hip & back problems. I’m into my last month of pregnancy & I am feeling sooooo much of the progress since I started going. It’s wonderful & the people are SO friendly & talk with you about anything you might be concerned or have questions about! 10/10 recommend!! – Rebekah P.

Absolutely amazing. Personally diagnosed with a chronic pain disorder and I do not have to take pain medication for my back anymore. Dr. Schwenn is fantastic to work with and makes complicated information easy to understand. – Melissa M.

I saw Michelle weekly through the third trimester of my 4th pregnancy for help in turning my transverse baby into the correct position for birth. Right away it worked and although he kept returning transverse until closer to delivery she got him turned back every time. She also adjusted him as a newborn and was so gentle with him as well as fabulous with my older kids! I highly recommend Michelle and her staff! – Vanessa K.

Dr. Schwenn relieved my sciatica at 34 weeks pregnant. I've been seeing her for almost 2 weeks now and I'm forever grateful that someone recommended her to me! I honestly almost went to the birthplace and asked for an early C-section because I was in so much pain. Not anymore!! I feel like a new person! – Alison E.

I've been dealing with lots of sleepless nights due to a back issue for the past 2-3 months. After a particularly rough night of only 2 1/2 hours sleep - I had an adjustment with Dr Schwenn and that night I'm happy to report I slept almost 9 hours. It's slow and steady progress but I'm seeing results with each treatment. Thank you! – Charisma W.

We love it here!!! I had my 4 month old baby girl adjusted and she's been sleeping 6.5 hours a night!! I truly believe that seeing Michelle for Adaline's adjustments has made all the difference in her sleep schedule. Thank you Schwenn Family Chiropractic for helping this family out! – Megan C.

I seriously could not have handled labor and delivery in the state I was in two weeks ago. Baby PJ was late, big, and pushing on stuff giving me bulging discs and muscle spasms to the point I couldn't walk! Thank God for this woman. Site went completely out of her way to make sure i was going to be OK to deliver! If you are looking for a doula or chiro in the Marion area, go see Michelle Schwenn DC at Schwenn Family Chiropractic in Marion. She will take care of you!! – Amber M.

I've struggled with back pain my whole life. After doing months of physical therapy and epidural pain shots in my back I decided to give chiropractic care a try! Boy am I glad I did! At the beginning of every appointment you have to fill out a form on where your pain is. There is a box that says 'no pain today'. I remember thinking that I'd never get to check that box. After a few visits the daily pain was gone! I used to take pain relievers daily and I haven't taken any in weeks! I had no idea it was so easy to live pain free!! Dr. Schwenn is amazing to work with! We may have met as doctor/patient, but I consider her a friend! – Michelle F.

Dr. Schwenn is amazing! My, now two year old, had so many issues with sleep when she was a baby. I'm talking about a newborn who would scream for 2 hours of a 4 hour drive. After the very first adjustment she fell asleep on the 10 minute drive home! Now Dr. Schwenn is helping my through my 3rd pregnancy! I HIGHLY recommend her! – Danielle W.

After this past year of work with Dr. Schwenn, I have truly shifted my mindset into making wellness a priority. I appreciate the time she takes to explain what's going on with my body. We look through x-rays, energy scans, and other data very concretely, right down to the names of the specific vertebrae she targets with adjustments. She's not just concerned about my back---she has suggested some great immunity-boosting supplements. She can tell just from my adjustment how... stressful my week has been and is a great listener and sounding board to work through those difficult weeks. I have observed her fantastic work with kids, and her waiting area in the open-concept office is full of toys and books (even some awesome pet turtles!)---never worry about bringing your little ones to your appointment, as it's easy to keep them entertained and supervised. I'm so thankful to have this wonderful woman in my life. – Kelsey L.

I would highly recommend coming to Schwenn Family Chiropractic!! I have tried other chiropractic care/physical therapy for my hips and nothing has worked! I have been in so much pain for almost a year. My hips have shifted from pregnancy and have caused one leg to become shorter than the other. With my first adjustment I could physically tell a difference! I can't remember the last time I wasn't in pain. Dr. Schwenn really accesses your body and adjusts according to your needs. That's what I love about this place. And she's also amazing with my son! I can't express how thankful I am that I found this place. It feels great to be feeling like my old self again and I can be active without being in so much pain! – Maria C.

This is by far the best chiropractor I have ever been to. Dr. Schwenn and Melissa treat me very well and always greet me... with a friendly smile. I have arthritis very bad in my back and also have congenital spinal stenosis. I haven't felt this good in at least five years and after several years of consistent pain medication I am taking almost none. I am 6'6" tall and weigh 480 pounds and I am treated well and successfully healing in spite of my size. I am a machinist and go to work every day and my productivity is at least 50% better and I am able to work 10 hour days. What a blessing. Thank You. – Josh B.



Nancy’s Story

Chiropractic and Rapid Release Therapy

I’ve had problems with my left shoulder for almost 30 years. The muscles underneath my shoulder blade felt like solid slabs of muscle, they were so tight. It was constant low grade pain. Over the years I’d tried ultra sound, massage therapy, chiropractic adjustments, tai chi and weight lifting in an effort to address the problem area. These things seemed to help a tiny bit. The muscles along the surface of my shoulder blade and on the side of my neck also were tight and had muscle knots I could sort of feel clicking back and forth when massaged.

After my first (5-10 minute) treatment with Rapid Release Therapy combined with my chiropractic adjustment, my left shoulder and neck felt better than it had in over 20 years! The difference in the tightness and discomfort was amazing! I continue Rapid Release Therapy and Chiropractic adjustments every two weeks and continue to make progress! I LOVE RAPID RELEASE THERAPY!

I also have an oval area about 4 inches long by about 1 ½ inches wide on the side of my right leg that has been extremely sensitive to touch. When applied light pressure it was shooting pain. The pain felt like a 12 on a 10 point scale! As my level of trust with my massage therapist increased, I allowed her to begin working around the periphery of the area. We got it down to about a 9 with light pressure after about 6 months.

I was so delighted with the results from Rapid Release Therapy on my shoulder; I got up the courage to ask if there was anything it could do for my leg. A few weeks later, I was willing to take the chance but afraid it might be agonizing. The first treatment wasn’t fun, but at an 8 it was well within the boundaries of what I’d previously been tolerating with massage.

I now can apply medium pressure to the area, which has decreased in size, with only about a 4 on the pain scale. The treatment is now only a 2-3 on the pain scale. I continue to progress with Rapid Release Therapy. Rapid Release Therapy has been a miracle in my life. I enthusiastically recommend trying it for your problem areas if you have faced similar long term muscle and nerve issues.

Nancy G.